Appointments are made in good faith at Stirling massage clinic and on the understanding that clients will arrive on time for their scheduled appointment.

It is understood that occasionally there are life events and circumstances occurring that mean that appointments simply cannot be met. It is very much appreciated that clients give as much notice as possible of changes to appointment times in order that a more suitable appointment time can be made.

Short notice cancellations have an adverse impact in that clients who may require an urgent appointment cannot be seen and the cancelled slot is time wasted. While this may not seem too onerous in the event of one client cancellation, if this increases over the course of a week then it has a very detrimental effect on the smooth operation of the clinic.

It is therefore important when making an appointment that potential clients are aware of the cancellation timescales and implications.


A minimum timescale of 48 hours is appreciated for cancellation. This allows reasonable time for the cancelled appointment to be offered to another client.

A cancellation in 24 hours or less does not allow reasonable time for the appointment to be filled and therefore a charge of the full amount of the massage will be due

Late arrival will also require payment of the full amount due even although the treatment time may have to be cut short.