Am I the grumpiest person training for this Marathon?

Well I hope everyone’s training is going well with less than four weeks to go before the BIG DAY!

Could I possibly be the grumpiest person training for this marathon?..😳..The commitment is absolutely immense, juggling work, home life and training as well as watching what I am eating and drinking..Having run 18 miles two weekends ago with a one mile walk to cool down, I along with many of my clients have managed to injure myself..😳…I thought I was indestructible however obviously not…

Self diagnosis would suggest ‘peroneal tendonopathy ‘. Pain and bruising just around the ankle and where the muscle becomes the Achilles’ tendon, as well as pain behind the bone on the outside of the ankle…Basically I have overdone it!!!…so resting this week and planning a 20 miler on Saturday all being well. Lots of massage, stretching, tens machine, icing and rest should do the trick, so if anyone else out there is going through the same…KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!

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